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Visiting & Enrolment 

The Ministry of Education recently granted us a roll increase to 30 students. Our waiting list is now open from 2023 onwards.

If you would like to consider Timatanga Community School for your child(ren), we invite you to take the following steps (in order):

  1. Contact us to arrange time for an initial visit
  2. Pick up an “Expression of Interest” form and fill it out.
  3. Return your “Expression of Interest” to school. The school whanau and the Board of Trustees will read this. The Principal will contact you when a space becomes available for your child
  4. Visit the school with your child
  5. If, after 5 visits, you wish to enrol your child and the Principal feels that Timatanga is the right environment for her or him, you will be invited to meet with the Board of Trustees to discuss enrolment
  6. The Principal will then enrol your child.

Read our Timatanga Prospectus 2018 to find out more about us.

Parent Guide

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