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The Democratic Education Community

International Democratic Education Network

Australasian Democratic Education Community

AERO (Alternative Education Resource Organisation)

Agile Learning Centres

Other Democratic Schools in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Tamariki School in Christchurch (State-integrated full primary)

Ako in Auckland (Private)

Deep Green Bush School in Auckland (Private primary and secondary)

Mind Alive in Auckland (Private primary and secondary)

Peace Experiment in Auckland (Private secondary)


Summerhill School: A New View of Childhood by A.S. Neill

In the Early World by Elwyn Richardson

Democratic Education by Yacov Hecht

Dance with Me in the Heart by Pennie Brownlee

Magic Places by Penny Brownlee

Teach Your Own by John Holt

NZ Playcentre publications on setting up areas of play and supporting and extending play


Alfie Kohn: 5 Not So Obvious Propositions about Play

Dr Peter Guttenhoffer: Saving Childhood: Memorandum for a Basic Pedagogy of Doing


Welby Ings: Disobedient Thinking

Tama Iti: Mana: The Power in Knowing Who You Are

Ken Robinson: Changing Education Paradigms


Pennie Brownlee

Robin Grille

Yacov Hecht

Alfie Kohn

A.S. Neill

Elwyn Richardson

Ken Robinson